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Winter Storm Preparation

by Hickerson Brothers on December 30, 2016

winter storm

How to Survive a Winter Storm

While Nokesville and the surrounding areas don’t usually receive significant snowfall during the winter, it’s still important to prepare for the worst. Depending on the severity of a storm, snowfall can be accompanied with heavy winds, icing, freezing rain, and sleet. In the next few weeks, we’re supposed to have inclement weather; make sure you’re ready! We’ve put together some tips to help you power through a winter storm so that you can have peace of mind.

If severe weather is headed your way, pay attention to your local news stations. They will keep you in the know on everything, from the current weather conditions to which roads and highways are closed, as well as areas experiencing power outages.

Before a Winter Storm

Preparedness is key. When you have the necessary tools and plans to get through a winter storm, you won’t feel as stressed or that you’re without. Of course, when it comes to natural disasters, there are some things that are simply out of your control; however, it is better to be proactive so that when it comes time to be reactive, you’re ready.

  • Winterize your vehicle and make sure it has a full tank of gas. Put together an emergency kit in case you must leave your home. Your kit should include water, food, blankets, first-aid kit, tool kit, and anything else you think you might need.
  •  Schedule your yearly furnace tune-up if you haven’t already done so. The last thing you want is to experience a malfunction when the weather is brutal.
  • Purchase a backup generator. Prices vary depending on how much you would like your generator to power.
  • Put together a family plan in case not everyone is together when a winter storm hits. This will make communicating much easier.
  • Purchase sand or salt to put on your walkways and driveways.
  • Purchase external battery chargers so that you will always have power for your cell phone in case of an emergency.
  • If winter weather is on its way, bring your pets inside. Never keep your pets outdoors when it’s cold outside.
  • Keep your cabinet doors open to help prevent your pipes from freezing.

During a Winter Storm

Once inclement weather has hit, avoid leaving your house, if possible. It’s perfectly all right to play in the snow; in fact, we encourage it! However, we advise staying indoors if there is freezing rain, sleet, or strong winds.

  • If you must go outside, make sure to walk carefully. Do not run! You could easily slip or fall, injuring yourself. Make sure to pour salt or sand on your walkways and driveways.
  • Only leave your house if necessary. Driving under severe weather conditions is not advised, however, we understand that sometimes the situation is dire. Make sure you have your emergency kit with you. Plan your route beforehand in case your car breaks down; this way, someone can easily find your location.
  • If you have frozen pipes, keep the water faucet open. You can attempt to thaw a frozen pipe with a space heater or hair dryer or by wrapping them with a hot wet towel. DO NOT USE: a blowtorch, kerosene or propane heater, charcoal stove, or any type of open flame device. If you are unable to restore your pipes, call a licensed plumber right away.
  • Prepare your generator in case there is a power outage or blackout. During severe weather, you’re more likely to experience an outage due to heavy winds and snowfall.
  • If after a few hours, power hasn’t returned to your home and you don’t have enough supplies to stay warm, you can text SHELTER + your ZIP CODE to 43362 (4FEMA) and they will direct you to the closest shelter in your area. (EX: SHELTER20181)
  • If you’re planning on being away during the storm, keep your heat on; the temperature should be no lower than 55 degrees.

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