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Why You Should Use an Electric Car for Your Summer Vacation

by Hickerson Brothers on July 21, 2017

Finding the right car is always a tough choice, especially when choosing a rental for your summer vacation. You want a car that is efficient, stylish, and appropriate for the whole family. With strong innovations in modern technology, now is the time to consider getting an electric car for your summer vacation. Although an electric car may seem like a novelty at first, they have become more common as technology has finally caught up with the needs of the average consumer.


An electric car’s ability to provide energy-efficient driving at a reasonable cost should be enough of an incentive to switch, but Virginia homeowners may need a little more convincing. Having a strong background with electricity, the professionals at Hickerson Brothers suggest using an electric car for your summer vacation getaway. Spending just a few days or weeks inside one will help get you accustomed to the many positives associated with them, including:


Environmentally Friendly

With some electric cars removing any need for fossil fuels, you are helping the environment by keeping the air quality around you clean. Hybrid models use both gas and electricity, but this is also an environmentally sound decision. Both types of designs help fight air pollution, which is still a growing concern in the U.S. and throughout the world. Take a weekend drive to Smith Mountain Lake and enjoy the beautiful views knowing you are doing your part to keep them pristine.


Reduced Noise

Engine noise on both electric cars and hybrids is nearly undetectable. You’ll never have to turn the radio up to a deafening roar while cruising down the highway with that loud gas-powered engine. Some models are so quiet, that it is believed they might become a hazard for pedestrians who can’t hear them coming on the street. While that is a problem for another day, most owners appreciate the near-silent sound of their electric motors.


Steadier Drive

With electric cars requiring less churning and burning of fossil fuels, a long drive should feel noticeably smoother as you travel down Virginia roads. A “reciprocating” gas engine is constantly vibrating as it revs up and slow down. Electric cars also have an impressive acceleration from a stop (meaning they generate their peak torque from 0 rpms.


Less Maintenance

Maintaining an electric car will cost as less than one third of a gas-powered variant. Motors in electric cars have less moving parts and components, which means that there is less stress and wear and tear on the engines. This also means that they need less professional care; saving the owner hundreds in maintenance fees.


Save Money in the Long Run

Besides saving on maintenance costs, your electric car is an all-around money-saving investment. With resourceful fuel, extended lifespan, and energy efficiency, expect to save enormously on fuel and services. Energy efficiency cannot be stressed enough, as gas cars can cost three times as much as electric cars when it comes to fuel. Since an electric car has less moving parts and components, expect lower chances of deterioration and shelling out money for repairs. An electric offers more than a smooth ride; it saves you money in the long run!


Consider upgrading to an electric car for your summer vacation, and watch as your vehicle becomes one less thing to worry about. We at Hickerson Brothers always look forward to assisting Virginia homeowners with their electrical problems. We provide exceptional electrical services to keep your home safe and comfortable.  Call us at 703-594-3913 to schedule an appointment and meet your trusted electricians.


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