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Why You Should Automate Your Home

by Hickerson Brothers on May 12, 2017

When you leave your house to go to work or out with friends, there’s always that worry in the back of your head of leaving your door or windows unlocked. Maybe you forgot to turn a few lights on or off when you left or perhaps you left your straightener on and forgot about it. Thanks to the technological advancements with smartphones, you can easily control devices in your home with just a touch of a button or a swipe of the finger. If you are worried about doors being left unlocked or lights not turning off, all you have to do is check the settings for your home via your smartphone. Put your worries at ease with installing smart controls to automate your home.

If you are not sure about installing smart controls for home automation, check out these benefits they can provide:

Security Camera Access

We love our pets and we hate leaving them by themselves when we have to leave. Having home automation updates installed will give you access to camera feeds for your home. If you are worried about your pets, kids or house being broken into, you can check the status of your home through your smartphone. Security cameras can protect your family by recording clips when detecting movement or at specific times of the day or night.

Easy Temperature Adjustment

It’s easy to forget to adjust your thermostat before leaving for work. When you come back home, it can be too hot or too cold and you end up waiting for the temperature to adjust in an uncomfortable home.  With a home automation system, you can adjust the thermostat a few hours before heading home. This also saves on money and energy and gives you a nice welcome after returning from a hard day’s work.

Provides Security with Automated Door Locks

This is one of the greatest benefits of an automated home system. Automated door locks help keep your home safe while you are not there. If you forgot to lock your doors while you headed to work, you can have the convenience of locking them via your smartphone. This is also a great benefit if your kids are home alone. Making sure the doors are locked while you are away is an added comfort for them and gives you peace of mind.

Saves You Money

A home automation system can help save you money in the long run. You will see your monthly utility bill decrease as a result of having control over household appliances left on in your family’s absence. The convenience of an automated home system can give you complete control and help you cut back on unnecessary costs as well as benefit the environment around you.

There are many benefits to having an automated home system installed. All of these benefits include two common factors: safety and security. You get peace of mind knowing that you can check on your home and family from the convenience of a smartphone. An automated home system lets you be in control of your home and saves you money on utility bills as well.

If you’re interested in home automation, give Hickerson Brothers a call today at 703-594-3913 and schedule a consultation. Our technicians are always on-time and ready to work!

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