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Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great

by Hickerson Brothers on August 18, 2017

Our home is our sanctuary, so coming back from a long day at work or school should be as pleasant as possible. But a bad scent lingering in rooms and hallways is hard to ignore – and can affect your mood and comfort level. The reason for a bad odor can vary, ranging from shoes and dirty clothes, to build-ups of trash and indoor pets. No one wants to come home to a living room that smells like a junk yard; something must be done! Hickerson Brothers knows a home’s scent is just as important as its electrical system, and we have some practical guidance for the homeowners suffering from hidden odors. We have used our home service knowledge to provide some good ways to make your home smell great.


Cleaning the Floors

  • Floors can be magnets for odors, especially if you have kids and pets. With multiple feet/paws tracking in dirt, mud, and bacteria all over the floor, odors can build up.
  • When cleaning hard wood and tile floors to remove odor, the best route is to remove the cause – not mask it. Clean your floors with a sponge mop, warm water and half a cup of lemon juice to focus on caked dirt and other odor causing debris is ideal. This simple cleaning solution won’t mask odors with toxic chemical – and will clean just as well as over the counter cleaners.
  • For the bathroom floor, using the lemon/warm water solution is fine, but you might need to wipe down the floor twice.
  • For the carpet, sprinkle lightly with baking soda, let it sit for about 15 minutes and then vacuum.
  • Recommended cleaning for floors that are constantly picking up odor would be about once every two weeks.

Light Scented Candles

  • Scented candles are preferable to other scented options such as plug-ins and wax melts. Strategically placed candles will go a long way to freshen up your home. But be mindful of their placement – and how long you leave them burning.
  • Placing candles in areas where the HVAC airflow can be lightly felt (without a breeze) is the best placement. The forced air will move the scent throughout the room, allowing you to burn less candles.
  • Keep candles in bathrooms and kitchens, as those areas often contain the foulest odors. Never leave a burning candle in a closed bathroom (or any closed room).

Prevent Trash Odor

  • To rid the smell of garbage your home, you must attack it from the source. Obviously, if you have trash in your home that is creating an offensive odor it must be removed.
  • Take out the trash regularly, and inspect the receptacle that keeps it. Trash cans that sit under the sink in the kitchen are often caked with leaked garbage. This receptacle should be washed regularly.
  • Throwing a dryer sheet into the bottom of the trash can will help fight odors – especially for receptacles that are hidden under the sink.
  • Placing cat little at the bottom of your trash cans will also help soak up odors that seep out of bags.
  • For food detritus that can’t be used as compost should be placed in a bag and tied up before throwing away.


Let Bad Air Out

  • Noticing a funky smell in your home can be an unpleasant surprise, but fresh air is your first, best option. The most obvious answer is usually the last one acted upon.
  • Homes without exhaust fans need some way to circulate and dispose of air contaminated by smoke, cooking odors and humidity. Investing in small portable fans is a short-term solution, but good to have on hand when odors need to be defused. Opening windows on opposite sides of the house – and turning on a portable fan will help get rid of most airborne odors.
  • Invest in exhaust fans for your kitchen and bathrooms.


Make sure you know how to make your home smell great – while we keep your electrical system safe. If you are having any problems with your electrical system, contact Hickerson Brothers today! Give us a call at 703-594-3913 to schedule an appointment today!


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