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Ways to Declutter Electrical Cords

by Hickerson Brothers on June 2, 2017

As your household increases its use of electronics, it seems that the clutter of cords associated with them tend to pile higher and higher. You are constantly stepping over cords or tangling them together behind entertainment centers. There are cords from your tablets, smartphones, TVs, video game consoles and laptops. It seems that you may drown in the clutter of cords before you can find a way to get them organized.

The clutter of cords can be a potential fire hazard for you and your family. We at Hickerson Brothers are invested in the safety of your family and understand the necessity of decluttering these electric cords. That’s why we found a few helpful tips on how to declutter electrical cords and organize the electronics in your home!

Declutter with Washi Tape

Washi tape has become a necessity in the desks of crafters. They are great for scrapbooking and can now be used to organize your cord clutter! Simply cut small sections of washi tape and wrap them around your cords. You can color-coordinate or use a marker to write on the pieces of tape signifying which cord belongs to which electrical device. You check out this tutorial that gives you an idea about using washi tape!

Label Cords with Bread Tags, Twist Ties and Clothespins

If you eat lots of bread, chances are you have a few bread tags lying around. You can use these to label your cords or pair a few of them together. Bread tags are an easy fix to an organizational problem and a great reminder to where these cords go to when using them. Along with bread tags, you can do the same thing with twist ties and clothespins. Just grab a marker and get ready to label! These small tricks are easy and will save you money! Check out 10 Things You Already Own to Wrangle and Label Cords and see how else you can organize your cords without spending money!

Trouser Sock as a Cord Organizer

Grab a colorful trouser sock and cut out the toe off. Grab your computer or television cords and navigate them through the opening of the sock before plugging them into a power cord. This keeps your cords organized and out of site from house guests. You can see what it looks like here.

Products that Help with Cord Organization:

Magnetic Cable Organizer: Keeps long cords bundled up neatly and prevents the cord from slipping through the slit.

Wrapqarw Cord Wrap: Gives the cord something to wrap around. These are made from scrap wood that results from manufacturing custom furniture.

Desk Cable Holder: Keeps cords from slipping to the floor when you are not using them. The slots in the cable holder come in two different sizes so you can hold various chargers.

Unorganized and cluttered cords can become a huge safety issue in your home. We recommend fixing this issue as soon as possible. We also recommend getting a safety inspection for your home so we can find other safety issues and fix them as soon as possible. With a safety inspection, we’ll test your circuit breakers, surge protectors, and GFCI outlets. The insulation and contact points for all of your wiring will be inspected. We’ll also take the time to inspect your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms. Once we’re done, you can rest assured that your home is safe and secure.

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