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Virginian Holiday Traditions: (10 Things Virginians Do During the Holidays)

by Hickerson Brothers on November 23, 2017

The holidays are upon us, which means it’s time to celebrate traditions old and new! The staff at Hickerson Brothers loves our great state as much as the holidays – and enjoys the unique traditions Virginia residents employ. Virginia is a one-of-a-kind place, with a colorful culture and major landmarks that offer a distinctive class and charm.  No other state comes close to the dynamic culture that is the Old Dominion. The holidays are a time to reconnect with family and friends – and honor those who are the closest t us. Celebrating the holidays in the Commonwealth of Virginia should be experienced at least once in your life. Virginians are a culturally diverse people, but there are a few traditions that we all tend to follow every tear.

With that in mind, the staff at Hickerson Brothers decided to share 10 Virginian holiday traditions.

Seafood Holiday Dinners

  • Most Virginians loves seafood, and its abundance leads to many households skipping the turkey and ham.
  • Steamed crab legs, raw oysters, and grilled bass are welcome in any Virginia home.
  • After chowing down on some delicious seafood, this often begs an after-dinner question; is Virginia a beach state, or a southern state?

    Visit Colonial Williamsburg

  • Most are schools are required to tour Colonial Williamsburg, but we tend to revisit this notable landmark for the great impact it had on our country.
  • We respect and honor the bravery of our ancestors, and give thanks to their efforts building modern America.

    Bring Fresh Venison to The Feast

  • Virginians love the hunting season, and our game becomes part of the feast.
  • Deer are prevalent in Virginia, and their venison becomes a tasty side course for a holiday dinner.
  • Since hunting season and the holidays converge, venison is conveniently fresh and ready to be prepared.

    Make Virginia Apple Pudding

  • A staple dessert for any occasion, homemade Virginia apple pudding holds a special place in every holiday meal.
  • Making enough for the whole family and topping it off with some vanilla ice cream is a joy only experienced in the Old Dominion.

    Argue Over Hokies vs Cavaliers

  • A debate more heated than the mashed potatoes.
  • This sometimes keeps a Virginia dinner tense, but the arguments are out of pure passion.
  • Virginia Tech vs University of Virginia is an age old debate, but sparks still fly when a side is drawn.
  • Some try to avoid this argument, but once you have a little venison in you, your common sense is out the window.
  • We at Hickerson Brothers would share our side – but we’ll save it for the dinner table!

    Enjoy the Virginia Harvest

  • Virginia is home to the most beautiful harvests in the country.
  • Fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables comes from Virginia, and we waste no time gathering delectable crops for our various feasts.
  • Topping your turkey with Virginia-grown carrots and green beans adds a delicious home flavor to your main course.

    Relax with Some Virginia Wine

  • After devouring the dinner, it’s time to break out the Virginia wine.
  • Virginia contains some of the best wineries in the country, and we take pride in drinking wine made from local vineyards.

    Celebrate Where the First Thanksgiving Was Held

  • Above anything else, we celebrate Thanksgiving in the state where it was founded.
  • The very first Thanksgiving was held back in 1619 at the Berkeley Plantation in Virginia, which is believed to be the oldest mansion in the state.
  • Virginia played an important part in building America, and we are all grateful to be on the same soil as the founders.
  • Virginia holds the origins of our wonderful country.

The holidays in Virginia are truly remarkable. Our pride in this wonderful state is something to behold. We consider every Virginia resident to be our family, whether you’re a Hokie or Cavalier. We you’re your family has a wonderful holiday season – and treasures the moments with family and friends. Happy Holidays from the staff at Hickerson Brothers!