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Safe Electrical Experiments for Kids

Simple Electricity Experiments for Kids

by Hickerson Brothers on May 26, 2016

When it comes to electrical safety, the easiest way to stay safe is knowledge.  Which is why we spent the month covering different aspects of electrical safety for the home. Once your house is protected against accidents, the next best thing you can do is teach your children the principles of electricity and its dangers.  […]

What benefits are there to a home electrical inspection?

Benefits of an Electrical Inspection

by Hickerson Brothers on March 18, 2016

Your house works perfectly.  The electrical sockets are all functional, and there isn’t a single burnt-out lightbulb in the whole house.  So what’s the use of getting an electrical inspection on your home?  A few of the reasons are obvious (selling your home or buying a new one), but an inspection isn’t about fixing the […]