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Cell Phone Battery Maintenance Tips

by Hickerson Brothers on July 21, 2016

I love the accessibility of my cell phone.  A tiny computer with access to simpler forms of so many different computer applications that I can carry with me all day long.  The tiny battery (which takes up most of the phone’s internal space) powers it for far longer than some of the old not-quite-portable laptops […]

How to Replace or Repair an Electrical Outlet

Replacing an Electrical Outlet

by Hickerson Brothers on March 25, 2016

The essential electrical outlet (also known as electrical sockets, receptacles, and plugs) is so necessary to modern life that it’s almost impossible to imagine a home being built without them.  While we may someday be able to enjoy wireless charging for all our devices (goodbye trip-hazard cables), that day isn’t here yet and we’re left […]

What benefits are there to a home electrical inspection?

Benefits of an Electrical Inspection

by Hickerson Brothers on March 18, 2016

Your house works perfectly.  The electrical sockets are all functional, and there isn’t a single burnt-out lightbulb in the whole house.  So what’s the use of getting an electrical inspection on your home?  A few of the reasons are obvious (selling your home or buying a new one), but an inspection isn’t about fixing the […]