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Treat Mom for Mother’s Day with Improved Lighting

by Hickerson Brothers on May 3, 2018

We all want to give our mom the best for Mother’s Day. Making mom breakfast in bed, taking her shopping, and buying gifts are all great ways to celebrate the holiday. But Hickerson Brothers also recommends treating her home with improved lighting! Lighting serves as a basic utility but can also be used for safety […]

Troubleshooting Flickering Lights

by Hickerson Brothers on March 15, 2018

While flickering lights may seem like a miscellaneous nuisance at first, they can actually be a sign of a larger problem within your electrical system. It is important to troubleshoot flickering lights as soon as you notice them. Doing so will signify if a consequential issue is present and helps resolve problems before symptoms become […]

Home Lighting: LED, CFL, and Incandescent

by Hickerson Brothers on July 28, 2016

What’s the one electrical device you use more than anything else?  The answer is the light bulb (or lighting in general).  With more light available during the summer, it can be easy to forget just how much energy we spend on lighting each night.  The expenses you pay on lighting, and what you can do […]

Surge Protectors & Lightning

Surge Protectors & Lightning

by Hickerson Brothers on June 23, 2016

Whenever we set up expensive electronics (we’re talking about media centers, game stations, and computers) part of the setup involves a quick run to an electronics store for a power strip with a surge protector.  If you’re feeling really fancy, it’s likely that you’ll spring for a combination battery-backup and surge protector.  Of course, these […]

Simple Electrical Upgrades

Simple Electrical Upgrades

by Hickerson Brothers on June 2, 2016

Not everything about your home’s electrical system needs to be an incredibly expensive repair or replacement.  A few minor changes and upgrades are helpful, especially if your home is 15 years older or more. Energy-Efficient Lights/New Lights How many people does it take to replace a lightbulb? Quite a lot of people actually.  Fortunately, we’re […]

How do electrical dimmer switchers work with lights

Dimmers & Lights

by Hickerson Brothers on April 15, 2016

When it comes to lights, everyone has their preference.  Some people like harsher white lights; others prefer the warm and inviting yellows of an incandescent bulb.  There are people who enjoy lots of light and sunny days, and others who prefer overcast days and dark rooms.  Whatever the reason, having a way to adjust the lighting […]