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kitchen lighting

3 Tips on Achieving the Perfect Kitchen Lighting Scheme

by Hickerson Brothers on March 24, 2017

Kitchen Lighting Should be Inviting Your kitchen serves as the centerpiece for your home. It’s a place where family members, friends and new acquaintances come together to not only break bread, but to engage in meaningful – and sometimes contentious – conversations (Does anyone follow the “no political talk at the table” rule anymore?). It’s […]

home office lighting

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Home Office Lighting

by Hickerson Brothers on March 17, 2017

The Key to Productivity is the Right Home Office Lighting Did you know that the American commute is the longest it’s been since 1980, when the Census began tracking data? The average person now takes 26 minutes to get to work, as opposed to to the 21.7 minutes it used to take. If those numbers […]

CAPITALIZING on Office Lighting

by Hickerson Brothers on July 7, 2016

Lighting, without it, we don’t function as effectively both because we need sunlight to trigger vitamin D release and because we can’t see without it.  Getting lighting just right in your office (whether at home or in a lofty skyscraper) helps with stress, efficiency, and overall health.  It isn’t just a matter of improving how […]