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How Safe Are Your Electrical Outlets?

by Hickerson Brothers on June 1, 2018

As a homeowner, you should have some knowledge on the safety of your electrical outlets. Electrical outlets are one of the main ways you interact with your electrical system. And unfortunately, they can experience potentially dangerous issues, sometimes resulting from age or incorrect use. Without knowing basic safety procedures, you could be at higher risk […]

Troubleshooting a Tripped Circuit Breaker

by Hickerson Brothers on April 19, 2018

What has caused your circuit breaker to trip? To help find the answer, you’ll need to perform some troubleshooting. Tripping is when a circuit breaker shuts off electrical flow when uneven currents are detected. Tripping is typically caused by ground faults, short circuits, and electrical overloads. Troubleshooting can help find which of these has tripped […]

Electrical Preparations for the Spring

by Hickerson Brothers on February 16, 2018

Spring is imminent for Catlett residents, and the upcoming season gives us an incentive to make some preparations. Organizing your wardrobe, cleaning your house, and planning a vacation are all known spring essentials, but have you remembered your electrical safety? As we leave the cold season and enter the spring, you must take electrical safety […]

5 Benefits of Whole Home Surge Protection

by Hickerson Brothers on January 19, 2018

Beware of the power surge! Power surges are a common experience for Virginia homeowners, and their ability to cause damage is no joke. A power surge is an extremely fast spike or interruption in the flow of electricity. Power surges are so short, they last as little as 1 millisecond, meaning they happen faster than […]

Christmas Lighting Safety Tips

by Hickerson Brothers on December 7, 2017

Temperatures are going down, but Christmas lights are going up! Decorating the house with colorful Christmas lights helps to create a festive mood for the season. The dynamic illumination brings out joyfulness, especially when bundling up next to the fire with hot cocoa. While enjoying the sights of holidays, you should also practice Christmas lighting […]

halloween safety

Electrical Halloween Safety Tips

by Hickerson Brothers on October 27, 2017

Ensure a Magical Night with These Halloween Safety Tips With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to get the house ready for trick-or-treating (or put the final touches on the annual showcase, for you enthusiasts). As every decorator knows, electricity plays a big role in a well-planned yard, home or haunted house. There would be few thrills […]

Electrical Safety for Your Children

by Hickerson Brothers on September 29, 2017

If you have kids, electrical safety for your children is a high priority. Ensuring your home is safety proof is key to keeping peace of mind. Electricity can be both dangerous and unpredictable for every member of your home, but small children are especially at risk. Toddler and pre-school aged kids can be very curious […]

spring break

4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe While on Spring Break

by Hickerson Brothers on March 31, 2017

Rest Easy This Spring Break Across Nokesville and the rest of Virginia, parents and their kids anxiously await the arrival of Spring Break. The school year can be particularly stressful for everyone, so we hope that you and your family can take full advantage of your downtime to relax. If you’re planning a getaway for […]

Electrical Safety Tips for Your Kids

by Hickerson Brothers on September 23, 2016

Keep Your Kids Safe with These Tips Last week, we focused on electrical safety for babies and how you can baby-proof your home. When children are merely toddlers and learning to crawl or walk, their adventurous spirits can sometimes be a danger, especially when electrical appliances, wires, and plugs are in the picture. This week, […]

Tips for Childproofing Your Home

by Hickerson Brothers on September 16, 2016

Ensure the Safety of Your Kids When you see your kid crawling or walking for the first time, it’s monumental. This is something you simply do not want to miss. But as you’re trying to get a snapshot of this wonderful moment, a thought pops into your head: My child can now go anywhere in […]