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Do you need to upgrade to a circuit breaker from a fusebox?

Circuit Breaker or Fuse Box?

by Hickerson Brothers on April 2, 2016

Most homes use a modern electrical panel with resettable circuit breakers.  There is a chance that your home still uses an older-style fuse box.  So the question is, are these boxes outdated and should you spend the money to upgrade to a modern circuit breaker? The Differences Circuit breakers and fuse boxes both serve the […]

elements of a basic electrical circuit

How a Basic Circuit Works

by Hickerson Brothers on March 10, 2016

Electricity is everywhere! It runs our cars, our homes, and the phones in our pockets.  Whether you’re looking at the massive power grids distributed across the US, or the tiny circuits embedded in a children’s toy, the basic principles of an electrical device remain the same.  So let’s stop to look at this cornerstone of […]