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Safeguard Your Electronics with Surge Protection

by Hickerson Brothers on January 13, 2017

surge protection

Surge Protection Will Save Your Devices

If you were gifted electronics for Christmas, it’s time to ensure their protection! The last thing you want is for your new computer, tablet, HD television, or gaming system to take on destructive surges, rendering it useless. Spare yourself the heartache of losing an expensive electronic gadget by using surge protectors.

Anything that has a plug is susceptible to surges. In fact, surges happen all the time, you just don’t know it. Not every surge has the capacity to fry your electronics and appliances right then, however, even small surges can shorten their lifespans.

What is a surge & why does it happen?

Simply put, an electrical surge is a brief spike in the current, lasting less than a thousandth of a second. But don’t let its fleeting personality fool you, as a surge can be detrimental.

There are numerous reasons as to why you’re experiencing electrical surges. Large appliances such as a refrigerator, air conditioner, or even a space heater, when turned on, can cause a surge capable of damaging your electronics.

You may also experience electrical surges due to poor or faulty wiring in your home. This is why it’s crucial to ensure your home’s wiring is in tip-top shape. If your breakers trip frequently or you have short circuits, call a licensed electrician right away! You might need to rewire your home or replace the circuit breaker.

Your home may also take on power surges caused by lightening strikes. Even if lightening doesn’t strike near your home, your electronics are still vulnerable. If lightening were to strike near a power line, you may experience a surge. One strike can destroy your computer and even your television.

Surge Protection Solutions

When it comes to protecting your expensive electronic devices, we recommend comprehensive solutions, not quick fixes. It’s possible to purchase power strips and adapters, however, these are designed to protect only the devices plugged into them. Your home may become cluttered with clunky equipment in every room, not to mention these types of solutions may not have the capacity to take on more powerful surges.

At Hickereson Brothers, we recommend investing in whole-house surge protection so that every electronic device and appliance is protected. Our electricians have the know-how and tools necessary for installing surge protection in your home efficiently and effectively. Schedule an appointment with us today! We’ll discuss all your options as well as upfront pricing so that we can determine the best surge protection solution for your home and needs.

Hickerson Electrical is your source for all home electrical services. We’re ready and willing to deliver top-quality service to your home at a moment’s notice. So call today at (703) 594-3913.

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