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    Hickerson Brothers Is the Most Trusted Team for Wiring and Rewiring in the Northern Virginia Area

    Any electrical work, from installing a ceiling fan to adding a new room, requires wiring. But at Hickerson Brothers Electric Service, when we talk about wiring and rewiring, we mean full in-the-wall wires for circuits, outlets, appliances, and lighting. This is the large-scale task of working with wires that affect entire rooms of your home if they don’t work properly.

    Hickerson Brothers Wiring and Rewiring Services:

    • New Installations
    • Additions and Remodels
    • Code or General Safety Updates
    • Circuit Repairs
    • Dedicated Circuits and Appliance Circuits
    • Aluminum Wiring Replacements

    Code and Safety Inspections

    Of course, unless you’re seeing the flickering of your lights or hear the buzzing of electrical energy, it can be difficult to know if you’re in need of wiring repairs. Sounds, smells, or the sight of smoke are all tell-tale signs, but there are other signs that stay hidden well in advance of problems.

    Hickerson Brothers offers a whole-home safety inspection to help identify these issues before they become expensive problems or, worse yet, damaging fires. We’ll inspect your wiring at all points, identify weaknesses, and let you know where and what they are. Once you know, you’re free to decide how we’ll proceed, that way we replace or repair the damaged sections before they become major problems.

    When you your home is in need of quality electrical wiring service, don’t hesitate to call Hickerson Brothers Electric Service at (703) 594-3913!