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    If It Was Running Before, We’ll Find Out Why It Isn’t Now

    There’s more to a repair than just fixing the symptoms. While some electricians may simply swap out the faulty part or add in a patch that temporarily fixes your problem, Hickerson Brothers Electric Service takes the time to find the root cause and fix that.

    For homeowners, making sure that the electrical system is working is imperative. Wiring problems, faulty switches, and stripped insulation can lead to other problems that are either expensive to repair or can lead to dangerous house fires. That’s why, when you notice the lights flickering or the power to your electric stove cuts out, we don’t just fix the light, we find why it stopped working in the first place.

    Common Household Electrical Problems

    Not all electrical issues end in a permanent off state. There are plenty of events that can happen on a day-to-day basis that should notify you of an electrical issue.

    • Do you have an old electrical panel, or a circuit breaker that trips repeatedly?
    • Do you ever smell the scent of burnt plastic near an outlet or light switch?
    • Do you hear sizzling, like a steak on a grill when near an outlet or switch?
    • Does the outlet or switch become hot during use?
    • Do plugs slide easily out of an electric outlet?
    • Do you have a nonfunctional outlet?
    • Does a light switch no longer work?

    All of these are clear evidence that there’s an electrical problem in your home. You should always be aware of strange smells when wiring is involved, as most odd scents are caused by burning carbon or insulation.

    Electrical issues typically stem from two problems: age and code violations. As we work on fixing whatever is causing the problem, we’ll take a look at your wiring and connections to make sure that everything is safe and secure. If we see a safety hazard, or something that’s likely to cause problems in the near future, we’ll let you know about it so you can decide whether you want to fix it now or wait until later.

    Quality Service Technicians

    All of our electricians are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to give you the best peace of mind while we work. We would never send anyone to your home that we wouldn’t send to ours.

    The techs we send arrive when they’re scheduled to arrive. There’s no reason to have you waiting around on a phone call all day long, so we’ll arrive at the scheduled time. Each electrician travels in a fully-stocked vehicle that carries everything we need to fix the usual problems. Big or small, we have the training, the techniques, and the technology to solve your problem. And we’ll do so on the same day you call us if at all possible.

    If you ever need electrical work for your home, don’t hesitate to call Hickerson Brothers Electric Service. We’re the most trusted residential electric service company in the entire Northern Virginia area. Schedule your next service at (703) 594-3913!

    It Runs in Our Family, It’ll Run in Yours!