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    Use Surge Protectors to Protect Sensitive Devices Against Harmful Surges

    Surges are impossible to predict. They can come from powerful lightning strikes, the initial inrush of startup current from a closing circuit, or from variations in the electrical grid. While we can see what causes them, we can’t react until they happen. Many people simply live with the risk of electrical damage because, while typically unlikely, no one wants to buy a surge protection power strip for every device they own.

    Hickerson Brothers Electric Service is here to tell you that you can have your entire home protected from surges without a single additional surge protection power strip. Whole-home surge protectors are installed alongside your electrical panel, protecting your entire home from dangerous surges before they enter your personal grid.

    If you’d like to install a surge protector in your home, just call Hickerson Brothers Electric. We’ll be glad to help you decide on the right kind of surge protector and we’ll even install it for you on the same day (if possible). You can feel safe in the knowledge that any sensitive electronics in your home are protected from dangerous surges.

    Devices Protected by Surge Protectors

    • Medical Equipment
    • Entertainment Electronics
    • Personal Computers
    • Security Monitoring
    • Hard-Wired Emergency Electronics

    So why wait? Get peace of mind and protect your home from the next lightning storm! Call Hickerson Brothers Electric Service today at (703) 594-3913!

    It Runs in Our Family, It’ll Run in Yours.