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    Call Hickerson Brothers for Repairs or Installations

    If you live in an older home you’ve likely noticed how few electrical outlets there are per room. The sheer number of electrical devices we use today has increased so much that the National Electric Code now requires more electrical outlets in each home. And it requires that each home be equipped to handle heavy electrical loads in most rooms.

    If your room lacks the number of outlets it needs, most people turn to the same method of fixing the problem: extension cords and power strips. But this leaves your room with cords lying along walls or, in some extreme cases, across the room. Power strips may expand the number of outlets you have at your disposal, but they don’t increase the amount of power you can use in a room. Never chain power strips together. If you’re out of outlets (or one stops working), call us and we’ll help you repair the existing one or install brand new outlets for you!

    For the team here at Hickerson Brothers Electric Service, installing brand new outlets, connections, and switches is simple. The installation of an outlet (also known as a receptacle) is easy, fast, and one of the quickest upgrades or repairs that can be made for your home.

    Outlet & Switch Installation

    Fortunately for you, we also specialize in installing brand new outlets and switches for your home. While installing a new electrical outlet is pretty simple, making sure that you aren’t going to overload the circuit in the room is not. Before we install new lighting, appliances, or outlets in your room we’ll test the circuit that room is wired to. If needed, we’ll gladly upgrade the wiring to the room and update your circuit break to account for the new load.

    Lights, Dimmers, and Actions

    Wall controls and switches get more advanced every year. Simple tools like a single wall-switch for operating a light or ceiling fan are easy to install. But what if you need multiple controls for the same circuit installed throughout a room, or you want the wall switch to be operated from a portable remote? Hickerson Brothers Electric Service can install all of these systems for you. Whether it’s a single switch, or a fully automated control panel, you can trust Hickerson Brothers.

    Smart Controls

    Interested in home automation? Want to give fully-automated LED lighting a try? Smart controls for your home are simpler to install than they have ever been, but that doesn’t make them easy. Installing the first device is usually straight forward, whether that’s a smart lightbulb or controller, but interconnecting your devices and installing new wall controls can be difficult.

    That’s why you should call your friends at Hickerson Brothers Electric. We’re well-versed in installations for all kinds of control devices and interfaces. If you’re already having trouble with an existing system, we’ll gladly troubleshoot the system for you as well. Once we’ve found the problem, we’ll offer you a set of solutions to choose from. From start to finish, because a smart control system is tailored to you, you get to decide how we proceed.

    Give us a call today at (703) 594-3913.

    At Hickerson Brothers, It Runs in Our Family, It’ll Run in Yours!