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    From Fixtures to Cable, Hickerson Brothers Electric Service is Here to Help

    It’s the most visible piece of electricity in our homes: The electric light. Lights are in every room, on almost every electrical device we own, and they illuminate our yards. Humans are very visual, so we want our lights to look as good as possible. Finding the right fixture and getting it installed properly can be an arduous process, but Hickerson Brothers Electric Service is here to help.

    Indoor Fixtures

    At Hickerson Brothers, working with lights is second nature to our technicians. If you want help installing a new set of energy efficient LED lights for general lighting or need a set of simple under-cabinet lights installed in the kitchen, we can run the wires and connect your new fixtures with ease. We’re also prepared to help you find the specific type of light you need.

    Incandescent lamps are the easiest type of lighting to install into your home. Simple wiring, controls, and inexpensive bulbs don’t take a lot of work, but they are the least efficient form of lighting on the market and can cost you a lot in monthly energy bills.

    On the other hand, installing fluorescent lamps throughout your home will drastically reduce the amount of money you spend on electricity each month. But many fluorescent require complicated wiring ballasts to operate. They also are not designed to work with regular incandescent dimmers. If you’re experiencing excessive flickering or buzzing from your fluorescents, you may need a new ballast, or you should change out any incandescent dimmers for fluorescent compatible controls.

    LED lights, while even more energy efficient and even more long-lasting, can be difficult to integrate into your home beyond regular screw-type light bulbs. Again, make sure that any dimmers or lighting controls you’re using beyond regular ON-OFF light switches are compatible.

    Hickerson Brothers is also at your disposal for lighting installations. From regular in-ceiling downlights to fluorescent bays and LED track lights, we have the experience and the knowledge to help you with wiring and installing your new light fixtures.

    Outdoor Fixtures

    Lighting up the outdoors at night has become more and more popular over the years. Anyone who has a beautiful yard may want to spend time in it at night, and proper lighting is the best way to highlight your yard’s features. But outdoor lighting is also one of the best home security measures around, keeping your street and driveway illuminated to see any potential prowlers.

    From installing motion detecting security lights to patio illuminating wall-sconces, we can do all of it. Do you need low-voltage cables (recommended for landscape lights) run to your ground-mounted up lights? We can handle that and the installation of your new lights with ease.

    It doesn’t matter where or what kind of lighting you’re adding to your yard, Hickerson Brothers Electric Service is ready for your call at (703) 594-3913!

    It Runs in Our Family, It’ll Run in Yours.