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    Hickerson Brothers, Your Source for Service, Repair, and Installation of Home Standby Generators!

    With refrigeration for perishable foods in the summer, electric heating in the winter, and sensitive electronics throughout the year, whatever the device, there is something that depends on electricity in your home, year-round. So a power failure can be catastrophic in the wrong situation.

    Hickerson Brothers Electric Service has extensive training when it comes to electric generators. More powerful than simple battery backups, we can help you plan and install alternative energy systems. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to simply supplement your energy costs with a solar panel array or protect yourself against power losses with an automatic backup generator, we can help.

    Generators are difficult to install because they must be connected to the home’s power grid. Adding additional energy generation to your home line can be dangerous because of issues with adding a new generation source to the existing grid. Your home is not as isolated from the grid as you may believe. An automatic backup generator has to sense a power outage, then start itself while still sensing that the main line is inactive. As soon as power is restored it must also be able to disconnect from the grid system without damage to the grid.

    Generator Types

    Selecting the right generator for your home can be difficult. It’s best to select your generator based on your actual needs rather than choosing the most advanced model on the market. Check your purpose for the generator first and then decide on what suits that purpose best.

    Automatic or Manual? Do you have some electrical equipment that must always run? This is best for when you have sensitive medical equipment in your home. Any kind of life-support machine or monitoring system that needs electrical power to operate benefits from an automatic electrical backup. Otherwise, a cheaper manual generator may be all you need.

    What Kind of Fuel Do You Need? Is your home already set up to use a certain type of fuel? If not, consider the benefits of one type of fuel over the other. The most common fuels for electric generators are propane and natural gas.

    What Size Do You Need? Generators are typically listed in kilowatts. Depending on just how much you plan to operate with your generator, you’ll need a smaller or larger size system. Are you simply running some light medical equipment? Or do you want to run your air conditioner, refrigerator, and home theater system during a power outage? Your professional electrician can help you decide which size is best for your needs.

    briggs and stratton home standby generatorsDo you need advice on selecting a new generator? Or do you need help with a repair or installation for your current system? The Hickerson Brothers have more than three decades of experience, so call today at (703) 594-3913!

    It Runs in Our Family, It’ll Run in Yours.