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    Installation and Upgrades by Hickerson Brothers Electric Service

    Air circulation is as important as temperature control when it comes to keeping a comfortable climate inside your home. Electric fans have been a mainstay of home comfort since before air conditioners were installed in every home. At Hickerson Brothers Electric Service, we can install, service, or upgrade any fan in your home.

    We’ll fix damage to your electrical system or simply replace your existing fan with an upgrade or a replacement at your request. Our electricians are excellent at their job. We only hire the best, so when we send a technician to your home for a ceiling fan service, we’ll take the time to find the damage and the cause to make sure that when we leave, we won’t need to come back a second time for the same job.

    Benefits of Ceiling Fans

    When we think of ceiling fans (or any fan fixture really) we think of cooling and how to mitigate hot weather. But ceiling fans come with more benefits than just cooling us off on a hot day. After all, fans don’t reduce the temperature of a room, they just move air around. On a hot day, that circulated air helps to cool us off by evaporating water from our skin. That cooling process feels good, so a gentle breeze from a fan is always welcome.

    But in the winter, most people turn off their fans and tuck floor fans away into storage while the cold weather lasts. That’s really a shame because you can use your ceiling fan during the winter to reduce the costs of heating your home. Most ceiling fans are reversible, allowing them to be run backward. Running your fan in reverse will draw air up to the ceiling, pushing the warmer air which has gathered near the ceiling back down along the walls of the room. This extra circulation helps to distribute heat evenly through the room, meaning your furnace will run less during the winter.

    Ceiling Fans in Brief

    At Hickerson Brothers, we know ceiling fans. Oh, we realize that most people understand ceiling fans. But are you aware that there are enough differences between ceiling fans to warrant a few more moments of consideration before your next purchase? When you’re looking for a new fan consider the following first:

    Physical Components: Number of blades, blade length, and blade angle all factor into the strength of your fan. A higher number of blades will give you a quieter fan, but a slower rate of air movement. A sharper blade angle will move more air, but the airflow itself won’t be as smooth. You’ll also find that longer blades give more overall air movement, but require a stronger motor so they are more expensive to run. For many home fans, a balance of 3-4 blades at 14-degrees is optimal. But know that you can adjust for quieter operation or stronger air movement.

    Motors: Different fans come with different motors. Most fans come with inexpensive AC motors. These motors don’t cost very much, but they use a great deal of energy to spin the fan. Brushless DC motors, on the other hand, have a higher starting price-point, but use up to 75% less energy than a standard AC motor ceiling fan.

    Controls and Light Kits: Do you want wall controls or a wireless remote? Do you need a dimmer, 3-speed fan control, or multiple switches throughout the room? Is the fan your only source of light? What’s the maximum wattage for your ceiling fan’s electrical circuit? All of these are necessary questions when selecting a new fan. If you aren’t sure of the answers, call us and we’ll be glad to help you find them!

    From DC motors to 5-blade fans with lighting kits, Hickerson Brothers Electric Service is ready for your call at (703) 594-3913!

    It Runs in Our Family, It’ll Run in Yours.