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    Installation and Repair of All Data Cable Systems and Kinds by Hickerson Brothers Electric

    Gone are the days of simple electrical cables running throughout your home. At Hickerson Brothers, we’ve been running electrical cables, wiring, and conduits for more than 30 years. We stay modern in our practices and with current technology. A home’s internal wiring system is more than just electrical wires, now you need full data and networking systems run throughout your home, and we can do that.

    Wiring Services Offered:

    • Cable TV
    • Ethernet & Networking
    • Internet
    • Smart Home Systems
    • Entertainment Systems
    • Home Theater Wiring

    Our technicians are well versed in everything they need for proper wiring of your home’s data and communication networks. Whether you’re looking at a partial repair or a fully new installation, we’ll have you up and running within the same day if at all possible (though extensive new installations may take multiple days depending on the size of your home).

    Specialized Data Cables

    Standard electrical wiring is not cheap, but compared to data and communication cables it’s extremely inexpensive. This is why, when you choose to work with Hickerson Brothers as your electrical contractor, we’ll work with you to find the best balance cable-cost to suit your budget.

    We do this, not by selecting inferior cables, but through choosing cost-effective design solutions. We don’t overdesign when we run wiring for your home. We choose the cables you need and we run them to the receptacles and sockets you need. Our goal is to leave enough flexibility in implementation that you can adjust how things are setup to suit your needs in the future without creating exorbitant installation costs. And all of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the completed work, we’ll return to make things right!

    So when you need an expert team of electrical technicians to upgrade or repair your wiring, call Hickerson Brothers Electric Service at (703) 594-3913!

    It Runs in Our Family, It’ll Run in Yours.