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How to Turn Your Backyard into a Party Worthy Space

by Hickerson Brothers on May 26, 2017

Summer is a great time to utilize your backyard space for entertaining and bringing people together. Whether it is beating the heat in a swimming pool, or having the neighbors over for a barbeque potluck, your backyard is a versatile area for fun and fellowship. One of the great things about a backyard is that it can be transformed into an entertainment destination. Don’t believe us? We’ve got your guide to transforming your backyard into a space that will lend itself to memorable parties and get-togethers.

  • Add Some Color

Adding some natural color to your outdoor space not only adds personality, but can also add dimension, making it feel bigger. Consider painting your wood fence in a typical hue found in nature – a forest green or sky blue will open up your yard. Placing a few dynamic colors in the design will add some flair. A bold gold or orange introduced as circles or other shapes add contrast and depth to the fence. You can also brighten up your yard with colorful string lights stretched across the fence or surrounding trees.

  • Make it Cozy

Creating a space for guests to sit down and visit is a great way to make use of your outdoor area. Add some outdoor furniture including sectionals or comfy chairs in a small area to promote interaction. Making a chimenea the focal point will ensure nights of spirited conversation and relaxation. Throw in some pillows and a side table or two and you will have created a space you (and your family and friends) will want to return to frequently.

  • Bright Lights

The most common way to add ambiance to your backyard is with fun lighting. Lights have the power to transform your outdoor space into an elegant or more relaxing place. Create a DIY outdoor chandelier to add a pop of sophistication. You can create this with a simple hula hoop, twine, and your choice of string lights. If you want a more fun lighting addition, consider using lantern lights or, as previously suggested, string lights, to hang around your patio or hang from tree branches. You could even go outside of electric lights and put in tiki torches around your yard for some candle light ambiance. You can also add lighted walkways to help make it easier for guest to navigate in your backyard.

  • Add a Fun Element

Finally, finish off your newly created outdoor party worthy space with an appliance for everyone to enjoy. This could be a grill (for all the grilling masters out there) or an outdoor kitchen for your inner master chef. This allows a different environment to have dinners and makes it a family affair. If you’re not a fan of grills, then add a jacuzzi or above ground pool. You can beat the heat each summer with your own personal cool getaway. If you want something for the whole family to enjoy, you could add a trampoline. Nothing says fun like bouncing around together in your outdoor party worthy space.

No matter what type of party worthy space you want to create, call on Hickerson Brothers Electric Service to help you get those lights and electrical elements up and running. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 703-594-3913 to schedule an appointment for superior electrical service!

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