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Home Security System: The Ultimate Guide

by Hickerson Brothers on May 18, 2018

Looking to build a security system for your Catlett home? Before you do, we recommend doing some research on the parts that encompass it. Home security systems can be comprised of a wide array of parts, each with their own unique uses. By knowing the parts of a home security system, you’ll be able to determine which options are better for protecting your home.

Hickerson Brothers would like to present the ultimate guide for a home security system! Below are the available parts you can utilize when helping to improve your home’s security.

Control Panel

All security systems must have a control panel. A control panel acts as the “brain” of a security system, similar to the role an electrical panel plays in a home’s electrical system. Control panels are used to arm and disarm the security components. They also can act as an alarm in the case of an emergency. They often require a passcode to authorize these actions but may also use fingerprint scanning or voice control. It’s recommended to install these in secure locations, such as close to the master bedroom.

Motion Sensors

As their name suggests, motion sensors detect when something is moving within their path. This is usually coupled with sounding an alarm or sending you a notification. Motion sensors are invaluable for protecting against intruders, especially when installed in vital locations. Below are some recommended placements for motion sensors:

  • In hallways that lead to bedrooms.
  • Around every door leading to the outside.
  • In the basement/basement stairs.
  • Hidden in the living room, entertainment center, or anywhere that has valuables.

Security Cameras

Security cameras allow you to view and detect possible intrusions from a safe distance. They can be placed either inside your home or outdoors. Depending on the type of security camera, footage can be viewed from a tape, on the computer, or an accompanying app you can download on your phone. Some security cameras are motion activated, meaning you receive footage when motion is detected.

Door and Window Alarms

Doors and windows can be equipped with sensors that sound an alarm when the door or window has been opened. They can be set to arm during a specific time of day. Additionally, there are sensors available that detect when a glass is broken. This helps to protect you against invaders entering via breaking the glass of a door or window.

Smoke and CO Detectors

Besides protecting against intruders, you must also be prepared in the case of fire, smoke, or a carbon monoxide leak. That’s why smoke and CO detectors are vital. They sound an alarm when any of these dangers are present, giving you notice to evacuate. And although the NEC already requires you to have smoke detectors in your home, it is still recommended to maintain them using an electrical professional.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Outdoor security lighting is so beneficial, we even recommend it as a Mother’s Day gift. It helps to identify possible intruders at night by brightening potential hiding spots. Additionally, it helps to offer clear passageways for family or friends coming home at night. Here are some types of lighting used for security:

  • Path Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Flood Lights
  • Motion Sensor Lights

Yard Signs and Stickers

Although it may not seem useful at first, a yard sign or sticker lets bystanders know of your security system and can act as a formidable defense. It essentially sends a warning to potential intruders, which can deter them from trying to break in.

Follow our guide to help build the best security system for your Catlett home! And when you are ready to have your security system wired by Catlett’s leading electrical experts, contact Hickerson Brothers today! Call us at 703-594-3913 for affordable and quality wiring services.