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Home Improvement Trends That are Actually Beneficial for You

by Hickerson Brothers on May 19, 2017

Feeling inspired to improve your home over the summer? An extended break is a great time to complete those renovations and home improvement trends and projects you’ve been avoiding. During the year it could be hard to sit down and plan projects between work, the holidays, and kids being in school. With summer almost upon us, dust off those plans and get ready to improve your home and quality of life with home improvement trends.

Lifestyle Upgrade

Home improvements not only add dollar signs to the value of your property value, but they can also increase your quality of life. Adding extra space to accommodate guests coming to visit for holidays or even adding more room for a growing family can help with your well-being. Giving everyone more space to live can make get-togethers more pleasurable. You can also use home improvement projects to renovate that old attic or empty open space for a multi-purpose office or game room retreat for the kids. Altering your home to fit the needs for your family helps to ensure both comfort and well-being.

Bring Down Utility Bills

Not all home improvement projects include breaking down walls and building brand new kitchens. Some projects can be smaller, but add benefits to your family’s well-being. Some improvement projects can even lower the costs of monthly bills. Why not take the time to switch out those older appliances for ones that are more environmentally friendly? Benefits of going green include lower energy usage – which results in lower utility bills. Energy Star appliances can help save you at least 15% in energy. Plus, energy efficient appliances require less energy to operate.

Improve Safety

Reduce accidents and injuries with an in-home upgrade. Changing out faulty electrical outlets and having HVAC systems routinely maintained and updated are just a few ways you can help lower your chances of harm. You can also add more efficient appliances in your home to replace faulty ones. Implementing special touches that help lower injuries such as installing a wall oven in your kitchen. Wall ovens can help reduce the amount of physical overexertion. Additionally, if you have smaller children, modifying your home with kid proof locks and applications can help reduce stress and worry.


Landscaping is another way to both improve your home and increase property value. Taking the time to add outdoor elements that help your home stand out and have better curb appeal is never a bad idea. Landscaping your home can be a family project for summer. Each member can contribute to the design of the space adding more flair. With a landscaped yard, this can help reduce pollutants and provide cleaner air for your family. You can also keep your home cooler during the summer with the addition of greenery to your yard.

Overall, home improvement trends and projects help provide a multitude of benefits not only to your home, but the lifestyle of your family. Benefits can range form health, to financial, and even environmental. You can count on Hickerson Brothers Electric Service to help you upgrade your home without breaking the bank. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide you with excellent customer service. Call us today at 703-594-3913 to set up your home protection plan.

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