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Halloween Electrical Safety Tips

by Hickerson Brothers on October 21, 2016

halloween electrical safety tipsHalloween is a little over a week away, and whether you’re throwing or attending a party, taking your kids trick-or-treating, or getting your house ready for trick-or-treaters, it’s sure to be a night filled with endless fun – and scare. However, we want to help ensure that the kind of scare that may ensue is all in good fun, and not legitimate.  This is why we want to provide some helpful electrical safety tips to those planning on transporting party-goers or trick-or-treaters to another realm with their decorations.

1. Keep Electrical Cords Out of Walkways

Electrical cords in high-traffic areas can be dangerous as it can cause people walking over them to trip and get hurt. Furthermore, you should inspect your cords for exposed or frayed wiring. Wires that aren’t 100 percent intact increase the chances of electrocution and fire, so always err on the side of caution and replace cords that could pose a threat. While Halloween is intended to a night filled with surprises, but don’t let one of them be a trip to the emergency room.

To prevent guests from tripping over cords, consider purchasing cord covers or using duct tape. Your local hardware store should carry both of these.

2. Use Only UL-Approved Lights

Before hanging lights inside or outside, check the box to see that they are Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved. This means they will have been tested and are completely safe to use. If lights are UL-approved and tested, you should easily be able to find the label on both the outside of the box as well as on the actual lights themselves.

3. Inspect Your Lights before Using Them

Just like your electrical cords, you should always inspect your lights for frayed and exposed wiring as well as faulty plugs. If you do find that they’re not in good condition, the best thing to do is replace them. Continuing to use these lights will only increase the chance of electrocution and fire.

4. Use Caution When Decorating

Don’t staple or nail electrical wires or cords because doing so could cause a malfunction in the system, sparks, or a fire. Furthermore, avoid attaching wires or cords to anything metal. Follow the directions closely to ensure safety.

5. Don’t Leave Lights Or Decorations Plugged in for an Extended Period of Time

Leaving for work? Going to bed? Don’t forget to unplug your lights and decorations! When you leave things plugged in for longer than they should be, you run the risk of having overworked bulbs and wiring, which could lead to a fire. By unplugging them, you can have peace of mind while you’re away, not to mention, you’ll save money on your utility bill!

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