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Energy Saving Smart Controls

by Hickerson Brothers on April 22, 2016

Energy saving controls and systems for Earth Day 2016Every year, America and countries across the globe celebrate Earth Day.  It’s an international observance designed to bring attention to the growing need for conservation efforts for natural resources and environments everywhere. Today is Earth Day!  And in celebration of that, we thought it best to take a look at how you can help and benefit from more efficient energy regulation systems.

You see, part of reducing how much you spend in electricity each month is in how controlling where and how that electricity is used.  Smarter controls and better sources of electricity are all key to reducing wasted power each month.  So, starting today, why not look around your home and find ways that you can save more on electricity each month!

Smarter Switches, Dimmers, and Controls

People have used dimmer switches for decades to control how much electricity they spend on their lights.  Dimmers are useful for controlling ambiance and they do an effective job of decreasing energy costs to light bulbs.  Similar systems can be implemented as fan speed controls on ceiling fans or other ventilation fans.  These newer controls help to regulate the amount of power spent on a unit by chopping up and removing part of the electrical signal that’s sent to the device.  In many cases, 50% of the power that’s normally used by a device can be removed with this rapid On-and-Off signaling.  Dimmers let you have brighter lights when you need them while still helping you save on energy.  Just be sure that you turn off lights you aren’t using and make sure to buy dimmers and bulbs that are compatible with each other (not all LEDs are made the same way).

Of course, there are some systems, not just electrical power, that benefit from regulation.  Timers are handy devices that can be either electrical or mechanical and can control any number of systems.  Whether you need something to control how often your yard is watered, or simply want to make sure that your house lights turn on at a certain point during the night while you’re away from home, timers are an excellent way to make sure that you don’t drive your monthly bills through the roof with always-on devices.  One of the most common uses for timers comes during the Christmas season, for regulating when your lights come on and preventing you from forgetting to turn them off before going to sleep.

Smart thermostats and automated home controls are a good idea in general.  You’ll find that the majority of your utility bill goes to heating and cooling.  Whether that’s controlling the temperature of your rooms or the temperature of the water in your plumbing, heating and cooling is expensive.  Turning off these systems while you aren’t at home will safe your money, but leaves things rather uncomfortable when you return home.  It’s far better to have an automated system learn what time you’ll be home and start the central air half an hour before you arrive.  That way you can enjoy quality comfort, without wasting so much energy during the day.  As an added bonus, many of these systems feature wireless connectivity, giving you the option of turning the system off if you forget when you’re gone for an extended vacation.

Green Energy Generation

Controlling how much energy you use on a daily basis is a great way to start when it comes to decreasing energy use, but you can also help by switching to more green-conscious energy sources.  Many utility providers offer green sources for your day-to-day utilities.  You can even install energy generation sources in your home to help offset the costs.  Installing solar panels on your roof, or a small wind turbine on your property can help generate enough electricity to reduce the amount you use from your utility company by a substantial amount.  You’ll find that many communities are even implementing these systems by neighborhood to help their own communities.  Just be sure that you get them installed professionally, as it can be difficult hooking power generation up to the grid without proper electrical interconnects.

We’re looking forward to a more energy-conscious year!  So Happy Earth Day, and let us know how you’re planning on reducing the amount you spend on electrical energy generation each month!

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