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Electrical Safety Tips for Your Kids

by Hickerson Brothers on September 23, 2016

Electrical Safety Tips for Your Kids

Keep Your Kids Safe with These Tips

Last week, we focused on electrical safety for babies and how you can baby-proof your home. When children are merely toddlers and learning to crawl or walk, their adventurous spirits can sometimes be a danger, especially when electrical appliances, wires, and plugs are in the picture. This week, we’re going to expand our efforts to include children of all ages. As your kid continues to grow, in both height and in their adventure, your home may become a greater danger zone as they can now reach kitchen appliances, electrical switches, curling irons, and virtually any other electrical device located in just about any location.

We want to share with you some of our top electrical safety tips that you can pass on to your kids to keep them out of harm’s way. It’s important to remind your children that there is nothing wrong with having an adventurous spirit, but they should always be vigilant and cautious, avoiding anything and everything that could potentially cause harm.

Electrical Cords & Outlets: It’s best to teach babies and toddlers to stay away from cords and outlets altogether. For added protection, use outlet covers to keep tiny hands from experimenting. However, when your child does reach the age where you believe they can be responsible with plugs, teach them how to correctly handle cords and outlets.


  • Never plug too many cords into power strips because they can overheat & cause a fire
  • If there is a cord with frayed wiring, do not use it
  • When unplugging something, grip the plug, not the cord

Electronics & Electrical Appliances: The important thing to note here is that water does not mix with electricity. Teach them early and remind them often!


  • Never take anything electrical into the shower, bath, or standing water
  • Always dry your hands before plugging or unplugging anything
  • Never allow your kids to operate kitchen appliances on their own
  • Keep beverages away from electrical devices, i.e. TV, sound system, computer

Outdoor Electrical Safety: Outdoor electrical equipment is vast. Can you imagine a neighborhood in which power lines and transformers do not exist? Neither can we. They’re everywhere it seems! This is why it’s important to teach your kids how to interact with them.


  • Never play on transformers. We know they look intriguing and fun to play on, but they’re dangerous!
  • Avoid playing under or near power lines
  • Do not climb trees that touch power lines

With younger kids, sometimes the best way to learn is through song! It’s something they can take with them anywhere.

Check out these additional videos for safety tips!

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