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    Professional Electrical Panel Service and Repair by Hickerson Brothers

    Light commercial buildings often need heavy-duty electrical panels. The circuit breaker for your building is no joke, since it needs circuits powerful enough for a parking lot filled with HID lights, all the lighting in your building, and any special equipment you may be using. Power tools, industrial cooking appliances, even large IT servers need an amazing amount of power, which means you need strong electrical support.

    Hickerson Brothers Electric Service can deliver that support easily. The electrical panel is the heart of the electrical system for your business. If the heart malfunctions or stops working, you have big problems, and possibly a safety issue to go along with it.

    You don’t want just anyone working on the electrical panel for your building, you want professionals. We guarantee that all the materials and equipment we use are top-tier quality parts, and that all of our work is up to code for reliability, safety, and longevity.

    Signs of Needed Electrical Panel Repair

    Not every electrical problem makes itself known by a dead plug. Strange smells, sounds, even a warm light switch or outlet can be tell-tale warnings of further problems. If you see any of the the following, you should hire a professional immediately:

    • Hear buzzing, sizzling or crackling noises in your outlets
    • See Flickering lights
    • Outlets that only work sometimes
    • Outlets that don’t work at all
    • Outlets/Switches hot to the touch
    • Outlets with burn marks
    • Building is 20 years or older
    • See sparks when switch is turned on
    • No power when switch is turned on
    • Breakers trip frequently
    • Fuses and not breakers
    • Exposed wires
    • Loose breakers or screws in panel
    • Multiple wires attached to one breaker
    • Burnt marks on wires in panel
    • Aluminum wiring
    • Major renovations

    If you ever need electrical work for your office, store, or place of business, don’t hesitate to call Hickerson Brothers Electric Service. We’re the most trusted building electric service company in the entire Northern Virginia area.

    Schedule your next service at (703) 594-3913!