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Cell Phone Battery Maintenance Tips

by Hickerson Brothers on July 21, 2016

Battery Maintenance Tips for Longer LifeI love the accessibility of my cell phone.  A tiny computer with access to simpler forms of so many different computer applications that I can carry with me all day long.  The tiny battery (which takes up most of the phone’s internal space) powers it for far longer than some of the old not-quite-portable laptops of the 80s could have.  The batteries in our phones are power-houses for the present.  From tiny lithium cells in rechargeable devices to the massive battery packs inside all-electric vehicles, these batteries are at the fore-front of energy storage.  But sometimes, the charge on your phone just isn’t enough to get through the day it seems.  So how can you maximize not just the daily-life of your phone battery, but the longevity of the battery over time?

Battery Lifespans

Nothing lasts forever, but it sure seems like the battery in your phone is designed to stop working after a year doesn’t it?  This is because we don’t take care of our phones the way we should be.  The earliest batteries had a charge “œmemory” that we’ve never really gotten over (along with the need to have maximized charge every day) and it’s caused us to develop some really bad habits.

Bad Habit One: Leaving your Phone Charging All Night

Yes, it’s nice to wake up to 100% on your phone battery and a charge that will last at least half the day (more if you don’t use the phone very much).  Leaving your phone charging overnight creates two possible problems. The first is the trickle-charge that happens at full charge.  Your phone doesn’t cease to use the battery, it simply slowly drains and charges the phone simultaneously, adjusting the chemical composition inside the phone.

Second, the phone heats up.  This can lead to overheating which can damage or simply speed up the aging of the battery.  Heat affects the internal chemical composition of the battery, causing it to lose charge faster (this is why many people store batteries in the fridge or freezer).

You should never overcharge your phone.  It may be annoying, but charge your phone throughout the day while you’re using it.  This way you can unplug the phone once it’s charged and not have to worry about it staying plugged in all night.  Of course, leaving your phone plugged in on occasion isn’t going to kill your phone immediately, just don’t do it too often.

Bad Habit Two: Charging to 100%

Again, this is a habit we picked up from batteries that “œremember” when they’ve been charged.  Good battery maintenance used to be discharging the battery to as low as possible, then recharging it to maximum before using again.  This gave your battery a longer lifespan because they were designed to recognize when you quit charging the battery to prevent future overcharges.  This is no longer the case.  In fact, cell-phone batteries actually work better on quick-charges throughout the day.  Ideally, it’s best to keep your phone between 30% and 90%.  Only charge your phone up to 100% when you know you’ll be out and about without charger access for extended periods (a Pokemon Go walk or extended filming with your phone).  Otherwise, charge it for a half-hour or so while you’re working or resting to keep the battery charged without maxing it out.

This, paired with battery-saving techniques like dimming your screen and deactivating power-hungry apps will help to prolong the usefulness of your battery over the lifespan of your phone.

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