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Can Smoke Damage Electronics?

by Hickerson Brothers on April 6, 2018

We’re all aware that smoke is dangerous to inhale and a major sign of a fire, but can it also harm your electronics? Although electronics tend to have fragile circuitry, you wouldn’t expect a small amount of smoke to cause any considerable damage. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as smoke can easily damage […]

Troubleshooting Flickering Lights

by Hickerson Brothers on March 15, 2018

While flickering lights may seem like a miscellaneous nuisance at first, they can actually be a sign of a larger problem within your electrical system. It is important to troubleshoot flickering lights as soon as you notice them. Doing so will signify if a consequential issue is present and helps resolve problems before symptoms become […]

Electrical Safety Inspections (for New Year Safety)

by Hickerson Brothers on January 4, 2018

We’re excited to begin the new year here at Hickerson Brothers, and want to share our joy with our Virginia neighbors. Starting the year right means finding and making improvements for you, your family, and your home. Your electrical system works hard every year to provide power and comfort to your household, which makes it […]

Small Home Improvement Projects for the Labor Day Weekend

by Hickerson Brothers on September 1, 2017

Curious to find an activity for Labor Day weekend? We may have some ideas for you! With the extended weekend right around the corner, what better way to spend it than doing some small home improvement projects. Three days give you plenty of time to perform small home improvement projects while still leaving you time to […]

How to Cut Down Utility Bill Costs

by Hickerson Brothers on August 11, 2017

With the start of the school year and the holiday season approaching, it seems as though the mound of expenses just keep piling up. You’re budgeting for school shopping, lunches, holiday shopping and making sure your lights stay turned on. This season tends to be the most expensive for many home owners. Luckily, we have […]

Ways to Declutter Electrical Cords

by Hickerson Brothers on June 2, 2017

As your household increases its use of electronics, it seems that the clutter of cords associated with them tend to pile higher and higher. You are constantly stepping over cords or tangling them together behind entertainment centers. There are cords from your tablets, smartphones, TVs, video game consoles and laptops. It seems that you may […]

Home Improvement Trends That are Actually Beneficial for You

by Hickerson Brothers on May 19, 2017

Feeling inspired to improve your home over the summer? An extended break is a great time to complete those renovations and home improvement trends and projects you’ve been avoiding. During the year it could be hard to sit down and plan projects between work, the holidays, and kids being in school. With summer almost upon […]

spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips | Inspect Your Major Appliances

by Hickerson Brothers on April 7, 2017

Spring Cleaning: Increase The Efficiency of Your Appliances With the arrival of spring and all the new beginnings it offers, we think it’s the perfect time to inspect your major household appliances and ensure they’re working properly and efficiently. Homeowners often dread the thought of spring cleaning, but because of the potential savings that come with […]

Valentine's Dauy

Your Kitchen Appliances Need Love This Valentine’s Day

by Hickerson Brothers on February 10, 2017

Make This Valentine’s Day Count This Valentine’s day, show your partner how deep your love runs for him or her by cleaning all the neglected kitchen appliances! Chocolates, flowers, and jewelry are nice too, don’t get us wrong. It’s just that serious cleaning says a lot about how much a person cares. By tackling these uncharted […]

winter storm

Winter Storm Preparation

by Hickerson Brothers on December 30, 2016

How to Survive a Winter Storm While Nokesville and the surrounding areas don’t usually receive significant snowfall during the winter, it’s still important to prepare for the worst. Depending on the severity of a storm, snowfall can be accompanied with heavy winds, icing, freezing rain, and sleet. In the next few weeks, we’re supposed to have inclement […]