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5 Easy Ways to Lower Energy Costs

by Hickerson Brothers on October 7, 2016

Lower Energy Costs with These Simple Tips Homeowners are always looking for ways to lower their energy costs, and we can’t really blame them for wanting to do so. There are so many ways to go about conserving energy – both large and small – and we’re here to help you with some  ideas. It’s […]

Going on Vacation? Try These 3 Home Safety Tips

by Hickerson Brothers on September 2, 2016

Safeguard Your Home Against Break-Ins Whether you’re planning a week-long vacation or a short weekend getaway for Labor Day, you’re going to want to safeguard your home against potential break-ins. Of course, the hope is always that nothing bad will happen while you’re away, however, if we’ve all learned something it’s that preparedness is key. […]

Why Is My Electric Bill so High?

by Hickerson Brothers on August 19, 2016

Some of us put the utility bill off to the last minute, others pay it late, and others simply set their bills on auto-pay and try to keep electricity costs out of mind.  None of us enjoy paying bills, but neglecting to look at your monthly statement is always a bad plan.  Mistakes are made […]

CAPITALIZING on Office Lighting

by Hickerson Brothers on July 7, 2016

Lighting, without it, we don’t function as effectively both because we need sunlight to trigger vitamin D release and because we can’t see without it.  Getting lighting just right in your office (whether at home or in a lofty skyscraper) helps with stress, efficiency, and overall health.  It isn’t just a matter of improving how […]