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kitchen lighting

3 Tips on Achieving the Perfect Kitchen Lighting Scheme

by Hickerson Brothers on March 24, 2017

Kitchen Lighting Should be Inviting Your kitchen serves as the centerpiece for your home. It’s a place where family members, friends and new acquaintances come together to not only break bread, but to engage in meaningful – and sometimes contentious – conversations (Does anyone follow the “no political talk at the table” rule anymore?). It’s […]

home office lighting

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Home Office Lighting

by Hickerson Brothers on March 17, 2017

The Key to Productivity is the Right Home Office Lighting Did you know that the American commute is the longest it’s been since 1980, when the Census began tracking data? The average person now takes 26 minutes to get to work, as opposed to to the 21.7 minutes it used to take. If those numbers […]

home automation

3 Benefits of Home Automation

by Hickerson Brothers on January 6, 2017

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Home Automation Until recently, home automation seemed like a distant dream to many homeowners. Thanks to the advancement of smart technology, we now have the ability to turn lights on or off, open or close the garage door, adjust the temperature setting, and so much more – all with the simple push […]

Thank You from Hickerson Brothers: 2016 Year in Review

by Hickerson Brothers on December 22, 2016

We Thank You for Your Support Merry Christmas, folks! Everyone at Hickerson Brothers just couldn’t wait any longer to tell you that. The holiday season is one of our favorite times of the year; it’s an absolute joy for us to see the love and care friends and families award one another. All month long we’ve been […]

Save Energy This Holiday Season

by Hickerson Brothers on December 16, 2016

Cut Costs This Christmas During the holiday season, everyone tends to use more electricity.  Families across the country have decorated their homes – and trees – with dazzling lights and sceneries. While lighting and electrical decorations do account for a significant portion of your holiday utility bill, there are other activities that figure into the […]

Christmas Tips: Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Safety

by Hickerson Brothers on December 9, 2016

Christmas Tips You Need to Follow Many would argue that Christmas lights and decorations are one of the most enjoyable aspects of the holiday season; one can’t help but “ooh” and “aah” at all the dazzling lights and angelic sceneries.  In fact, a testament to this is the popular tradition of driving around neighborhoods at night […]

Christmas Tips: Tree Decorating Safety

by Hickerson Brothers on December 2, 2016

Christmas Tips You’ll Want to Know Today is December 2nd, which means as of yesterday it’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! Families across the country have begun putting up their Christmas trees, decorating their homes with dazzling lights, and baking the day away. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be focusing on […]

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

by Hickerson Brothers on October 28, 2016

Add Value to Your Home & Ensure Peace of Mind Spending time outdoors with friends and family is special. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows around a campfire or grilling hamburgers for a party, fun and laughter are sure to ensue. If you’re the kind of person who loves to spend time outdoors at night, make sure you […]

Halloween Electrical Safety Tips

by Hickerson Brothers on October 21, 2016

Halloween is a little over a week away, and whether you’re throwing or attending a party, taking your kids trick-or-treating, or getting your house ready for trick-or-treaters, it’s sure to be a night filled with endless fun – and scare. However, we want to help ensure that the kind of scare that may ensue is all […]

National Fire Prevention Week: 6 Fire Prevention Tips

by Hickerson Brothers on October 14, 2016

Home fires devastate hundreds of thousands of families each year. In 2015 alone, there were 1,345,000 fires reported in the United States, resulting in over 3,000 deaths and 15,000 injuries. Among the most common causes of fires are kitchen stoves, faulty wiring, lighting, clothes dryers, and candles. Monday marked the beginning of National Fire Prevention […]