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Best Ways to Light a Pumpkin

by Hickerson Brothers on October 6, 2017

With Halloween creeping near us, it’s time give your carved pumpkin that perfect glow. After deciding what kind of face to carve into your pumpkin, you must decide how to brighten it up. There are several different options when it comes to lighting a pumpkin, some more creative (and time-consuming) than others. Whether you want a friendly glow, or illumination more spooky than colonial ghosts in Virginia, there’s an option for you! With that said, the staff at Hickerson Brothers Electric Service has collected some of the best ways to light a pumpkin this Halloween.


  • The most traditional way to bring the jack-o’-lantern to life (but the least safe of all the options).
  • Candles work well to bring authentic light to your pumpkins, and help give an eerie Halloween vibe.
  • The flickering flame will make your pumpkin full of life as it stares fearlessly throughout the night.
  • Be prepared to replace candles frequently, as the flames tend to not last longer than a day.
  • Flameless candles are a much safer, and more economical, way to light a pumpkin. They run on batteries, so there is no chance of them catching fire. They also last for hours – and the batteries can be changed making them a much cheaper alternative to wax candles.

Glow Sticks

  • Glow sticks are a great way to add different colored lighting to your pumpkins at an affordable cost.
  • Mixing and matching several different colors will give your pumpkins a colorful vibe, which fits in well with the Halloween spirit.
  • Glow sticks last a bit longer than candles – and are much safer! But their shelf life is very short and the vividness of the colors will fade after a few hours.

LED Lights

  • LED lights are another safe way to brighten up your pumpkin.
  • Much like glow sticks, LED lights can add several different colored lights to your pumpkin.
  • If you want to have your pumpkin lit for weeks, LED lights are your preferred choice.
  • Since they are powered by electricity, they either require batteries or a cord to plug into an outlet.
  • LED flameless candles can be found at most art and hardware supply stores.

String Lights/Holiday Lights

  • What better way to light a pumpkin than to use holiday string lights?
  • Wrap a string of lights around a ball and place inside your pumpkin. Multicolored lights – or a spooky green or blue offer a warm, eerie glow inside the orange/yellow interior.
  • Consider simply wrapping some string lights around a pumpkin – which will save time on carving and offer a unique accent on your spooky porch.

Make your pumpkin the brightest it has ever been! Whether you use a candle, flameless candle, glow stick, LED, or holiday lights, this Halloween is sure to glow with horror!

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