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Best Smart Devices for the Winter

by Hickerson Brothers on November 10, 2017

Are you smarter than a fifth generation iPhone? Smart devices have become the most essential tools of this decade, and with winter breaks and holidays approaching, their value to households becomes even greater. Smart devices help you work, entertain your family, and maintain your home. Their immediate access to information has changed the way we work and play. Can you imagine a day without your smart phone or computer?

What is a Smart Device?

Basically, a smart device is a handheld electronic with access to internet, Bluetooth, and cell phone data. There are different types of smart devices on the market, ranging from smartphones and televisions to game consoles and home controlling hubs. Uses can range from planning your work schedule to adjusting your thermostat. The experts at Hickerson Brothers know the benefits of these devices firsthand. We have been helping our Catlett and Fauquier County neighbors with communications and data decisions for years. To get a head start on the holiday rush, we have put together a short list of the best new smart devices for the winter:

Google Pixel 2

  • Google is a giant in technology, and their newest smartphone is a force to be reckoned with.
  • This easy-to-use phone is great for people switching from iPhone or other Android devices.
  • The Pixel 2 comes with 64 GB base storage, day long battery life, water resistant capabilities, and a powerful Snapdragon 835 processor.
  • The built-in camera is the best on the market, making it perfect for those winter photos.

TCL 32S305 32-Inch Smart TV

  • This smart TV can browse the web, watch YouTube videos, and stream your favorite shows.
  • What makes a TCL Smart TV so great is the low cost and high functionality, with this 32-inch model costing you less than 200 dollars to own.
  • If you’re looking to snuggle up next to the fireplace and go on a late-night movie binge, you’ve found the right TV.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

  • Staying home during the winter means you’ll need something the whole family can enjoy.
  • The PS4 Pro lets you play games that get everyone involved.
  • This new version has 4K capabilities, giving you better picture quality for movies and games.
  • The system doubles as a Blu-Ray player, giving you access to watch high quality movies and shows as well.

Amazon Echo Plus with Built-in Hub

  • The “holy grail” of smart devices, Amazon Echo Plus is a must have for your soon-to-be smart home.
  • With this device, you can set it to play music, control the TV, switch lights, and even close your garage door.
  • The Echo Plus can also connect to your thermometer, letting you turn on the heat without leaving the couch.

Make a smart decision this winter and look into these cutting edge smart devices. When you are ready to put some smart control in your house, Hickerson Brothers Electrical Services is just around the corner! Our specialists are trained in installing and linking smart controls, and can help with a variety of essential installations. Call us at 703-594-3913 to set up an appointment today!