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5 Benefits of Whole Home Surge Protection

by Hickerson Brothers on January 19, 2018

Beware of the power surge! Power surges are a common experience for Virginia homeowners, and their ability to cause damage is no joke. A power surge is an extremely fast spike or interruption in the flow of electricity. Power surges are so short, they last as little as 1 millisecond, meaning they happen faster than you can blink. Although their lifespan is borderline negligible, the effects can severely damage your electrical appliances and system. Power surges can ruin circuitry, fry capacitators, and even lead to an electrical fire. What may seem like a minor event, may turn into damages to your home. Luckily, there’s a solution for power surges, and it’s whole home surge protection.

Whole home surge protection provides invaluable defense to your home from the unexpected damages of power surges. Surge protectors intercept power surges and transfers the current through a ground. Most whole home surge protectors can be purchased from your local department store, and tend to range from $200 to $500 in price. It’s important to understand how surge protection can help your home’s electrical system and appliances. The experts at Hickerson Brothers have compiled a list of benefits for having one installed:

Protection from Outside Occurrences

  • Power surges can be caused by several external occurrences; all of them out of your control.
  • Lightning, damaged power lines, and even your electrical company can cause unexpected power surges.
  • Having whole home surge protection can help stop the damage from these unexpected external occurrences. not only stops power surges from outside events – it gives your electrical system ample protection.

Internal Surge Protection

  • Outside events aren’t the only cause of power surges however. In fact, the most common causes of power surges happen inside your home.
  • Major appliances can cause power surges by quickly spiking large volts of electricity when turned on or off, causing a power surge.
  • Whole home surge protectors act quickly to fight off these power surges before you even know, and helps avoid unforeseen damage to your home.

Appliances and Devices Remain Unharmed

  • Adding surge protection to your home also adds protection to all your appliances and electrical devices.
  • A power surge can divert dangerous amounts of electricity into plugged-in appliances and devices, and can destroy their circuitry.
  • With whole home surge protection, your electrical system guides improper currents through the ground, leaving your appliances and devices unharmed.

Adaptive to Modern Electricity Usage

  • With the rising use of technology in homes, protecting from power surges is must.
  • We rely on electricity for a variety of reasons, and its necessity means a power surge is never welcome.
  • Whole home surge protection guarantees any upgrades to your home are met with power surge protection to the highest degree, giving peace of mind during constant electrical use.

Increased Home Safety

  • Increasing your surge protection increases home safety.
  • Whole home surge protection acts as a base-level defense against power surges, and leaves you room to add even more protection at your leisure.

Think of whole home surge protection as an electrical safety net. One that can help keep your valuable appliances and electronics safe from destruction. If you are thinking about installing one in your home, contact Hickerson Brothers today! Call us at 703-594-3913 to schedule an appointment for a full assessment.