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4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe While on Spring Break

by Hickerson Brothers on March 31, 2017

spring break

Rest Easy This Spring Break

Across Nokesville and the rest of Virginia, parents and their kids anxiously await the arrival of Spring Break. The school year can be particularly stressful for everyone, so we hope that you and your family can take full advantage of your downtime to relax. If you’re planning a getaway for the whole family, don’t forget to safeguard your home against potential threats. Getting adequate rest during this time is crucial for everyone so that the school year can end on a high note. The last thing we want is for you to have to cut your vacation short because something went wrong at home. To get the most of your Spring Break holiday, follow these tips on keeping your home safe!

1. Ask a friend or neighbor to keep watch.

Whether you will be away for a few nights or the entire week, ask a trusted friend or neighbor to check on your home once or twice a day. Perhaps your neighbor can even keep a car parked there. You will also want to have your newspaper and mail picked up, because nothing says “I’m not home” like a driveway full of newspapers and a stuffed mailbox.

If you’re leaving pets behind, it’s especially crucial to have someone look after them. It’s always difficult determining just how much food and water your furry friend is going to need. For the safety of your pet – and for your peace of mind – make sure they’re adequately cared for

2. Install smart controls.

Homeowners often make the mistake of leaving certain lights on at all times. While this may seem like an effective deterrent, it actually does the opposite. Wouldn’t you find it strange if the same hallway and front room lights were left on for several consecutive days? The goal is to make it appear as if someone is always home, so follow a normal light pattern. You can do this by installing timers and programming your lights to turn on and off at designated times.

Another benefit of  installing smart controls throughout your home is that you can check to see if you locked the front door, closed the garage, or altered the thermostat. Even if you do have a friend or neighbor watching over your home, you might feel better knowing that you can check on it too, even while hundreds of miles away.

Schedule an appointment with one of our licensed electricians today! We can help determine the best smart controls for your home. To learn more about the benefits of smart controls, check out our other post “3 Benefits of Home Automation.”

3. Unplug Appliances

To prevent electrical fires and power surges, unplug your smaller appliances, like your television, lamps, coffee maker, etc . Doing so will not only provide you with peace of mind, it can also lower your utility costs. There’s no point in leaving appliances plugged in that you aren’t using.

4. Be careful about what you share on social media.

If you didn’t share it on Facebook or Instagram, it didn’t happen. Or so that seems to be the case. However, we strongly recommend against posting pictures that indicate you are away.  We know how tempting it is to want to “check-in” at cool places, but the best thing you can do for your safety – and for the safety of your home – is to lay low. Take all the pictures you want, just don’t post them until you get back.

All in all, you’ll feel a lot better about leaving your home by taking these extra precautions. And, of course, don’t forget the easiest, but arguably most important, step of all: lock up and take the keys! Safeguarding your home from potential break-ins will allow you to fully enjoy your vacation. If you do happen to find yourself feeling concerned while you’re away, don’t hesitate to call your friend or neighbor who’s watching after your home.

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