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3 Reasons to Install Security Cameras this Summer

by Hickerson Brothers on June 30, 2017

Summer is heating up Virginia, and we are eager to get our toes in the sand and feet in the water. While our minds are focused on finding the best activities to enjoy, let’s not forget home security. While security should be a focus year-round, it is especially important in the summer. Statistically, crime goes up in the summer months with more people away from home for extended periods of time. Protecting your home and loved ones from crime should be a priority and Hickerson Brothers is here to help. Ensure peace of mind this summer, and throughout the year, and install  security cameras. Modern technology has made these once-expensive gadgets accessible to budget conscious consumers. Security cameras offer many benefits for improving the safety of your home, especially for families who like to take extended vacations. Hickerson Brothers has created a list of reasons why security cameras might be beneficial to you and your household.

Prevent Theft and Vandalism

  • Similar to security system signs on windows, prominently placed cameras help deter crime.
  • Modern cameras can be controlled and monitored through phone apps, which is helpful if you are away from home. You can monitor suspicious behavior and alert security immediately.
  • In the event that a crime is committed – security cameras make it easier for the authorities to identify and find the culprit.

Oversee Your Home

  • Modern security cameras allow you to keep an eye on your house wherever you are. Check in on pets or your kids while you are at work to ensure everything is okay.
  • Installing security cameras allows for extra home safety. Keep an eye out for fires and other hazards – and get help before major damage can occur.
  • Additionally, use a security camera to conserve energy by seeing if any appliances or devices are turned on and left idle.

Monitor without Intrusion

  • With summer break giving your children more time by themselves, security cameras within the home can help you monitor their day without being intrusive.
  • You can monitor home improvement projects or lawn/garden care while away from home.
  • Deter package theft. Know when important packages arrive – and have a neighbor secure them if you are unable to take them immediately.


Enjoy a safe summer with security cameras. If you are ready to install security cameras and improve the safety of your home, contact Hickerson Brothers today! For over 35 years, we have been the premier electrical company in Catlett, and offer expert security camera wiring and rewiring services to keep Virginia homeowners safe. Give us a call at 703-594-3913 to schedule an appointment and keep your summer secured!


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