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Home Networking Installation and Setup

Home Networking Systems

by Hickerson Brothers on April 29, 2016

Smart TVs, smart phones, and smart baby monitors; everything has to be interconnected and networked nowadays.  Of course this means that every home now needs a strong home network built into the home’s design to begin with.  While you may be thinking “œI’ll just by a wireless router and call it a day,” there’s more […]

Energy saving controls and systems for Earth Day 2016

Energy Saving Smart Controls

by Hickerson Brothers on April 22, 2016

Every year, America and countries across the globe celebrate Earth Day.  It’s an international observance designed to bring attention to the growing need for conservation efforts for natural resources and environments everywhere. Today is Earth Day!  And in celebration of that, we thought it best to take a look at how you can help and […]

How do electrical dimmer switchers work with lights

Dimmers & Lights

by Hickerson Brothers on April 15, 2016

When it comes to lights, everyone has their preference.  Some people like harsher white lights; others prefer the warm and inviting yellows of an incandescent bulb.  There are people who enjoy lots of light and sunny days, and others who prefer overcast days and dark rooms.  Whatever the reason, having a way to adjust the lighting […]

Do you need to upgrade to a circuit breaker from a fusebox?

Circuit Breaker or Fuse Box?

by Hickerson Brothers on April 2, 2016

Most homes use a modern electrical panel with resettable circuit breakers.  There is a chance that your home still uses an older-style fuse box.  So the question is, are these boxes outdated and should you spend the money to upgrade to a modern circuit breaker? The Differences Circuit breakers and fuse boxes both serve the […]

How to Replace or Repair an Electrical Outlet

Replacing an Electrical Outlet

by Hickerson Brothers on March 25, 2016

The essential electrical outlet (also known as electrical sockets, receptacles, and plugs) is so necessary to modern life that it’s almost impossible to imagine a home being built without them.  While we may someday be able to enjoy wireless charging for all our devices (goodbye trip-hazard cables), that day isn’t here yet and we’re left […]

What benefits are there to a home electrical inspection?

Benefits of an Electrical Inspection

by Hickerson Brothers on March 18, 2016

Your house works perfectly.  The electrical sockets are all functional, and there isn’t a single burnt-out lightbulb in the whole house.  So what’s the use of getting an electrical inspection on your home?  A few of the reasons are obvious (selling your home or buying a new one), but an inspection isn’t about fixing the […]

elements of a basic electrical circuit

How a Basic Circuit Works

by Hickerson Brothers on March 10, 2016

Electricity is everywhere! It runs our cars, our homes, and the phones in our pockets.  Whether you’re looking at the massive power grids distributed across the US, or the tiny circuits embedded in a children’s toy, the basic principles of an electrical device remain the same.  So let’s stop to look at this cornerstone of […]

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