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Structured Media Center

How to Wire a Media Center

by Hickerson Brothers on June 30, 2016

Monday is July 4th, the day we celebrate American Freedom and Independence with food, friends, family, and fireworks!  We hope you plan to have a great Independence Day celebration, but over the long weekend you may need some time to relax as well and for those of you who’ve been planning to upgrade your entertainment […]

Surge Protectors & Lightning

Surge Protectors & Lightning

by Hickerson Brothers on June 23, 2016

Whenever we set up expensive electronics (we’re talking about media centers, game stations, and computers) part of the setup involves a quick run to an electronics store for a power strip with a surge protector.  If you’re feeling really fancy, it’s likely that you’ll spring for a combination battery-backup and surge protector.  Of course, these […]

Battery Saving Tips

by Hickerson Brothers on June 16, 2016

Energy storage is an important part of portability and energy infrastructure.  Without the ability to store and release large amounts of energy we’re left with needing a constant feed of dedicated energy from a specialized source.  All of our portable devices, from children’s toys to cars and airplanes use some kind of battery for power.  […]

What Makes Energy Renewable?

What Makes Energy Renewable?

by Hickerson Brothers on June 9, 2016

Wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and biofuel are all energy sources that are increasingly in the public view.  The backbone of energy across the world has been coal for a long time.  In the past few years, there have been countries making great strides in moving away from the standard of coal power generation and shifting […]

Simple Electrical Upgrades

Simple Electrical Upgrades

by Hickerson Brothers on June 2, 2016

Not everything about your home’s electrical system needs to be an incredibly expensive repair or replacement.  A few minor changes and upgrades are helpful, especially if your home is 15 years older or more. Energy-Efficient Lights/New Lights How many people does it take to replace a lightbulb? Quite a lot of people actually.  Fortunately, we’re […]

Safe Electrical Experiments for Kids

Simple Electricity Experiments for Kids

by Hickerson Brothers on May 26, 2016

When it comes to electrical safety, the easiest way to stay safe is knowledge.  Which is why we spent the month covering different aspects of electrical safety for the home. Once your house is protected against accidents, the next best thing you can do is teach your children the principles of electricity and its dangers.  […]

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters GFCI

What are GFCIs?

by Hickerson Brothers on May 19, 2016

When it comes to the electricity in our homes, we do our best to keep ourselves and our families safe from electrical shocks and fires.  But we can’t see everything all the time.  In fact, one of the most common electrical faults, a ground fault, can occur without you being aware there was even a […]

Electrical Extension Cord Safety

Extension Cord Safety

by Hickerson Brothers on May 12, 2016

Extension cords are amazing.  When we need to power something and the cord is too far away from an outlet, rather than move the device, we simply find an extension cord and plug it in.  They increase the range of our plugged in devices without the cost of extensive electrical work.  Unfortunately, overuse of electrical […]

5 Ways to Guard Your Home Against Electrical Fires

5 Ways to Guard Your Home Against Electrical Fires

by Hickerson Brothers on May 6, 2016

The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) is spending the month of May raising awareness for electrical dangers in the home.  In that spirit, we feel it’s our responsibility to help share a little essential electrical safety information ourselves.  So here are 5 ways you can guard your home from fires started by electrical problems! Use […]

Home Networking Installation and Setup

Home Networking Systems

by Hickerson Brothers on April 29, 2016

Smart TVs, smart phones, and smart baby monitors; everything has to be interconnected and networked nowadays.  Of course this means that every home now needs a strong home network built into the home’s design to begin with.  While you may be thinking “œI’ll just by a wireless router and call it a day,” there’s more […]

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