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Christmas Lighting Safety Tips

by Hickerson Brothers on December 7, 2017

Temperatures are going down, but Christmas lights are going up! Decorating the house with colorful Christmas lights helps to create a festive mood for the season. The dynamic illumination brings out joyfulness, especially when bundling up next to the fire with hot cocoa. While enjoying the sights of holidays, you should also practice Christmas lighting […]

Virginian Holiday Traditions: (10 Things Virginians Do During the Holidays)

by Hickerson Brothers on November 23, 2017

The holidays are upon us, which means it’s time to celebrate traditions old and new! The staff at Hickerson Brothers loves our great state as much as the holidays – and enjoys the unique traditions Virginia residents employ. Virginia is a one-of-a-kind place, with a colorful culture and major landmarks that offer a distinctive class […]

Best Smart Devices for the Winter

by Hickerson Brothers on November 10, 2017

Are you smarter than a fifth generation iPhone? Smart devices have become the most essential tools of this decade, and with winter breaks and holidays approaching, their value to households becomes even greater. Smart devices help you work, entertain your family, and maintain your home. Their immediate access to information has changed the way we […]

halloween safety

Electrical Halloween Safety Tips

by Hickerson Brothers on October 27, 2017

Ensure a Magical Night with These Halloween Safety Tips With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to get the house ready for trick-or-treating (or put the final touches on the annual showcase, for you enthusiasts). As every decorator knows, electricity plays a big role in a well-planned yard, home or haunted house. There would be few thrills […]

Best Ways to Light a Pumpkin

by Hickerson Brothers on October 6, 2017

What’s the best way to light a pumpkin? From the obvious to the inventive, there are a great many ways to light up your family’s spectacularly special holiday creations…The best way to light a pumpkin this Halloween season is up to you but here are a few ideas to get started! Candles Tiny tea lights […]

Electrical Safety for Your Children

by Hickerson Brothers on September 29, 2017

Electricity is a wonderful invention that makes our lives infinitely easier, but electricity can also be very dangerous if proper precautions are not practiced. Did you know that 70 percent of child-related electrical accidents happen in the home while under adult supervision? In accordance with National Childhood Injury Prevention Month, Hickerson Brothers has some tips […]

Small Home Improvement Projects for the Labor Day Weekend

by Hickerson Brothers on September 1, 2017

With a long weekend coming up, the topic of renovating an area of your home has probably come up in a discussion or two. You’ll have a few days to knock out a project you’ve been itching to do for months. Many homeowners take advantage of the long weekend with a much-needed remodel. Oftentimes in […]

Top 5 Trendy Electronics for the Back to School Season

by Hickerson Brothers on August 25, 2017

Are your kids ready for their first year of college? If you think back-to-school shopping means loading up on spiral notebooks and No. 2 pencils, you’re behind the times. These essentials from when you were in college won’t cut it in today’s high-tech classrooms. Help your college-age student succeed this semester with these top five […]

Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great

by Hickerson Brothers on August 18, 2017

More than likely, with the start of the school year and the holidays fast approaching, you get a lot of foot traffic in your home. With your kids, significant other and family members that come and go throughout your home, it’s always an event to try and get your home to smell somewhat normal. There’s […]

How to Cut Down Utility Bill Costs

by Hickerson Brothers on August 11, 2017

With the start of the school year and the holiday season approaching, it seems as though the mound of expenses just keep piling up. You’re budgeting for school shopping, lunches, holiday shopping and making sure your lights stay turned on. This season tends to be the most expensive for many home owners. Luckily, we have […]

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