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Celebrate July 4th in Virginia!

by Hickerson Brothers on June 23, 2017

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than to do so in Virginia, one of the first colonies to create talks of revolution against the British? Virginia had a huge rule in the American Revolution. In fact, our first president of the United States, George Washington, was from Virginia! Thomas Jefferson helped expressed reason for […]

Summer Grilling Recipes for Father’s Day

by Hickerson Brothers on June 16, 2017

Father’s Day is this weekend and that almost always means rushing to find a last-minute gift card or toolset for your dad. Dads tend to be a little difficult to shop for. They always shrug their shoulders when you ask what they want to do or what they want as a gift. Dads just enjoy […]

Mini Vacation and Getaway Ideas in Virginia

by Hickerson Brothers on June 9, 2017

If you are looking for ways to save money this summer, you should consider having a staycation rather than a luxurious vacation. Virginia offers great spots to spend a romantic weekend or a weeklong getaway. Not only will this save you money this summer, it will also give you a chance to explore the beautiful […]

Ways to Declutter Electrical Cords

by Hickerson Brothers on June 2, 2017

As your household increases its use of electronics, it seems that the clutter of cords associated with them tend to pile higher and higher. You are constantly stepping over cords or tangling them together behind entertainment centers. There are cords from your tablets, smartphones, TVs, video game consoles and laptops. It seems that you may […]

How to Turn Your Backyard into a Party Worthy Space

by Hickerson Brothers on May 26, 2017

Summers in Virginia are always filled with community activities and backyard parties. As the days get warmer, more time is spent outdoors and hanging out with close friends and family. Most of these gatherings last well into the nighttime with the desire to stay outside for as long as possible. If you have ever hosted […]

Home Improvement Trends That are Actually Beneficial for You

by Hickerson Brothers on May 19, 2017

Throughout the years, there has been an increase in popular trends to try out on homes. Many home improvement shows like Property Brothers, Fixer Upper and Love It or List It can give you inspiration to try and improve your own living space and try current trends that are hitting the market. These trends can […]

Why You Should Automate Your Home

by Hickerson Brothers on May 12, 2017

When you leave your house to go to work or out with friends, there’s always that worry in the back of your head of leaving your door or windows unlocked. Maybe you forgot to turn a few lights on or off when you left or perhaps you left your straightener on and forgot about it. […]

ceiling fan

How to Lower Cooling Costs with a Ceiling Fan

by Hickerson Brothers on May 5, 2017

Boost Energy Efficiency By Installing Ceiling Fans As electricians, energy efficiency is always at the forefront of our mission. Since heating and cooling account for nearly half your utility costs, we believe that it is our duty to help customers integrate efficient home practices that cut costs but not comfort. Now that the spring season is in full […]

outdoor lighting

4 Important Reasons to Install Outdoor Lighting

by Hickerson Brothers on April 28, 2017

Outdoor Lighting Will Transform Your Home With the arrival of spring and the inviting weather it brings, you may want to spend more time outside, especially after having been cooped up all winter long. While it’s not yet warm enough to jump in the pool, there are numerous other ways to enjoy a pleasant evening with friends and family […]

home theater

5 Benefits of Installing a Home Theater System

by Hickerson Brothers on April 21, 2017

Add to Your Experience with a Home Theater Are you thinking upping your home technology game? If you’re a movie buff, sports fan or video game expert, having a home theater system can give the experience of being in a large movie theater without having to leave your home. You can stream your favorite movie […]

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